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School visits

Tim Stead does also like to get out of his cosy little studio now and then to visit Primary schools, to show them a little of how he produces his books and have a look through his rather large portfolio full of wonderful bright coloured paintings!



The pupils can get an idea of what it's like to be an Illustrator and Author and get to ask Tim lots of inquisitive questions.


Tim is happy to work with all primary school age groups and to do book sales and signings at the end of the day.



Tim's rate for a full day is £150. Additional expenses may apply

depending where you are.


If you would be intrested in booking Tim for a day to visit your school and find out more about his readings and workshops he does with the pupils, you can contact him through the email below.


[email protected]




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Silloth Primary School

Headteacher: Rachel Ingrams

'World Book Day was made very special this year when Tim Stead, Local author

and illustrator, visited our school to meet the children. Tim was

inspirational and his work captured the children's interest immediately.'


'Tim's work certainly engaged the children who were instantly motivated to produce their own illustrations.'


'A memorable day for everyone, a real author and illustrator

from our owntown, igniting young minds...priceless!'

Beckermet Primary School

Headteacher: Barbara Mayer

Fairfield Primary School

Headteacher: Andrea Pattinson

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"In trying to further inspire our male pupils to read and write we were in

search of a male role model to work with our pupils. A local newspaper

article drew our attention to a new author on our doorstep who had an

interesting day job!"


Male literacy role models come in many manifestations, Tim inspired our

pupils to write and illustrate their own stories by sharing his own recent

success as an author". Thank you Tim!


'The children loved looking at Tim's amazing illustration portfolios which

inspired them to create lots of fun characters and stories.'


'Tim's lively presentation and lovely illustrations inspired the children to

come up with really imaginative ideas for their own stories.'

Houghton C of E Primary School

Headteacher: Lindsey Burnie

"An exciting and memorable day! Local author and illustrator Tim Stead visited school as part of our 'Reading Week'. Both pupils and staff, from Reception to year six, were captivated and inspired by Tim, as he shared his amazing illustrations and the sources of his storylines.


Tim's enthusiasm was infectious - we now have many budding authors and illustrators! Thank you Tim"