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Tim Stead has been commissioned by the U CAN SHINE 'Inspiring

children for life' campaign. Transforming attitudes, raising aspirations..

changing lives'


Tim is now working closely alongside them to bring and create art

workshops within the class room with the children and also interpreting

their own literacy and poems to life with his illustration work.


So far it's been a massive success. The children have really enjoyed

working with Tim as they create and develop ideas.


U Can Shine UK is an award winning personal development programme

that delivers performance and motivational coaching progammes to primary school children aged 7-11 years.

Since 2006, and with remarkable success, U Can Shine UK have inspired over 30,000 children, to boost their

self-confidence, improve attitudes to learning, raised attainment, improved achievement and the raising of aspirations

across school communities in the UK.


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U Can Shine UK

tim stead illustration

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